“Shouldn’t all engineers be this easy to work with?”

About RFG Software Inc.

Whether it’s a new app you need building or a mess that you need solving, you need experience, high-quality code, and excellent communication. We’ve got you covered.

RFG Software is the team you’re looking for. We are an experienced team of developers located in sunny Kelowna, Canada – a rapidly growing technology hub located midway between Calgary and Vancouver. Thanks to a series of tech company acquisitions over the last decade, we’re a small town with big league talent.

Our senior talent is well into their second decade of programming. We know how to build code, processes, and teams that work. Plus, we’re the friendliest nerds you will ever meet.

Superheroes Without The Superegos

Communication Driven

Great work starts with good communication. We’ll match your style.

Solution Orientated

Complex problems require smart solutions. We’re here to help.


You need someone who knows what they’re doing. Give us a call.

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Turn your deadline into a headline

Timing can be everything. When the pressure is on, let us be the ace up your sleeve.